Title Screen

Welcome to my first Xbox game!

This is Warthog Wars, the game I have been working on since Christmas of 2012.


Get ready for some awesome fun! Grab your friends to play against  each other in Multiplayer, a battle to the death. Endure on your own and battle against increasing forces wave after wave in Survival! In campaign, complete objectives to save a treasured AI and destroy a beacon to let your friendly armada attack a fort under a bubble shield. Upgrade your warthog in the store, making it have more speed, health, and weapons.






Download Warthog Wars:

On the Xbox 360: Download it to your xbox here, or go to games > browse games > search > 'Warthog Wars' 

On PC:

Windows 7: Warthog Wars

Windows 8 / Windows 10: Warthog Wars

You will need a PC, not a mac to run this.

 Once downloaded, right click the folder and press extract all. Then, run setup. This will put an shortcut on your desktop that you can use to launch the application.