My name is Matthew Mistele and I am currently a junior at The Bear Creek School with a passion for programming. With over 1,000 hours of programming experience and over half of that paid, I have written and published games and apps for the Xbox, iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone. Scroll down to check out my awards! In addition to being a full time student, I current work as a lead instructor for Coding With Kids teaching elementary school kids how to code at local schools around the area. When I’m not coding, teaching, or busy with school, I enjoy spending time with friends and playing sports.            

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                                    Warthog Wars                                 Roo-ometer                        Space Invaders                          Nspeck

Warthog Wars     Roo-ometer     Space Invaders     App


Awards and News:

        Awarded Geekwire's "Geek of the Week" for being a young Xbox Game Developer

        KIRO 7 TV News 2/17/14

        The Redmond Reporter

        The Rebelution

        Modus Vivendi


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